Congress demand justice for siddi naik

  1. Saligao: The Goa Pradesh Youth Congress has demanded that the Chief Minister should inform people of Goa  on the present status of investigation on mystery of Miss Siddhi Naik death.
The members of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress  leady by GPCC chairman Amarnath Panjikar and members namely Akhilesh Yadav Janardhan Bhandari Varad mardolkar Saish Aroskar yash Kochrekar Leovita Perira and others on  Saturday visited the family members of Siddhi Naik  at her residence at Nachinola. the memebrs  consoled them assuring to be with them in fight to seek justice to victim.
GPYC President Adv. Varad Mardolkar along with other members visited victims house and said that the government must make public the progress in the probe into the Siddhi Naik death case.
He said that the BJP government headed by Dr. Pramod Sawant has failed in maintaining law and order in the state.
“ Father of this victim is seeking justice for her daughter and the Government needs to respect him and victim.” Mardolkar said.
Speaking further Chairman GPCC  Amarnath panjikar said that nearly  two months  have elapsed and we have come to their house to find out what has happened about the case” said Panjikar

the government is speaking about Atama  Nirbhar bahrat but have they given atama nirbhar to the family of this victim girl” questioned Panjikar
“i demand with the chief minister that if  he really feels that siddhi naik is the daughter government and if he is really   concerned about the security of women then he  should try and bring this case to a logical conclusion” Panjikar further said
“we strongly condemn the government for their laxity in solving the case and from this we know that the governmnent wants to shelter the criminal” Panjikar further said
Referring to the murder case of parking attendant in Anjuna, Mardolkar said that now even tourist are coming in Goa and killing our Goans. “This is happening because there is no fear of law in Goa.” He said.
“It is evident that government has failed to promptly investigate crimes and bring to justice the culprits. This very act of Police is encouraging criminals.” He said
another member kenisha dsouza demanded that the police should try and investigate the case thoroughly or if not give the case to the CBI and added that that they will stand like Pillars and fight to seek justice to Siddhi Naik and her family.

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