Harvesting machine launch at Aldona by MLA Glen ticlo

Saligao: Inorder it reach out to the farmers and to help them to carry out harvesting of their fields Harvesting machines were presented to the farmers of Nachinola  and Pomburpa  by MLA of Aldona Constituency Mr.Glenn Souza Ticlo.
These machines have been procured by the MLA by spending from his own for the benefit of the farmers of Nachinola inorder to carry out proper harvesting and also increase production of the crops.
Using these harvesters  any kind of grain can be harvested. The machines performs three separate operations comprising harvesting-reaping, threshing, and winnowing into a single process.
Owing to the ability of harvesting different type of crops, these harvesters are highly demanded.
earlier the farmers used to harvest their fileds using all their physical efforts and depending on costly labour and also using traditional harvesting equipments these machines will now help the farmers to reduce the cost of labour.
Present for the launch of the machines were Nachinola Sarpanch Trupti Bandodkar, Deputy Sarpanch Freddy Fernandes, Panch members Reena Govekar, Kamala Naik, Pomburpa Sarpanch Pritesh Nageshkar, Panch member Gamblin Fernandes, Aldona BJP Mandal President Vinay Chopdekar, Aldona BJP farmers Morcha President Rajesh Panjikar, MCO- Mapusa Satish Kerkar and a number of farmers and villagers of Nachinola and Pomburpa village
“These harvesting machines will reduce dependence on labor and increase efficiency while also increasing production to meet the growing demand” said Ticlo

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