Committee of audumber dattatrays temple protest outside Anjuna Police station


Saligao: the committee members of Shri. Aubumbar Dattatreya Temple assagao protested outside the the Anjuna police station seeking justice for 4 members of the committee who are protesting against a Project coming up next to a temple destroying Natural spring fresh water

it may be recalled the people of Assagao had recently carried out a protest at the Assagao Panchayat against a project coming up next to the temple which is destroying Natural freshwater spring connected to the temple and had also condemned the elected members of Assagao Panchayat for granting permission to this kind of projects as it is detrimental to the local People. The Anjuna police on 13-10-2021 had directed the four people connected with the morcha to remain present at Anjuna Police Station Under 149 CRPC. The locals also Condemned the acts of Assagao Villagers Sarpanch, Panch, Police Officers of Anjuna Police Station and local authorities . The villagers were supported by president of the Audumber devasthan Chandan Mandrekar. during the protest the villagers had all the permissions from the collector to protest against this illegality

“I strongly condemn the act of the panchayat for complaining against the 4 members for creating a ruckus when actually it was not done as there was even a strong police presence and itis done only for some personal reasons ” said Mandrekar

“Everyone has the right to hold a protest in a democracy and I want to ask the panch members as to why they had to complain only against the 4 members when there were other members of the community “said another member of the committee.

“we were protesting against a good cause but the panchayat had misused its power and started lodging complaint against us first they have committed a mistake by granting permission to the project but the villagers had kept quiet but now the panchayat has gone to the personal level by lodging complaints against few members” said another committee member

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