Politicians and Politics have become an integral part of human lives


Politicians and Politics have become an integral part of human lives as the entire system in which we are living is governed by laws, rules and regulations in the form of enactments framed and formulated by the politicians. Politics is such a filthy game that a politician only considers his own selfish political interest at the cost of even sometimes the interest of the nation. Political benefits to gain wealth and power drives these politicians so crazy that the word loyalty becomes derogatory when one refers to a politician. Politicians change political parties without owing allegiance to the political party which has introduced and brought them to fame in politics.

In the State of Goa itself politics has become such a dirty game that entering into politics would be compared to entering into a red light area as the recent development in Goan politics appears to be worse than the movement which takes place in a red light area. Though I have never visited a red light area in my life, upon research, I have learnt of the pathetic situation the flesh trade victims live in a red light area and the pleasures their dalal’s and agents enjoy. In politics the politicians become the dalals and their supporters known as karyakartas who work for the politicians become victims as in case of flesh trade victims when a politician changes a political party. One thing which I intend to convey to the people of Goa is to keep these politicians away from your wealth, properties and last but not the least from the women in the house as most of these politicians become demons with lust towards money, women and properties. In Goa there are total 40 MLA seats and around 8 to 10 politicians in Goa through their family members are trying to capture all the 40 seats among themselves. Goa is not under a king or a monarch for their own family members to succeed to the chair. 40 assembly seats should be represented in the Goa State Legislative Assembly by 40 different MLA’s of 40 different families. If a MLA’s family member only contests then the next in line in the political party suffers and is victimized and in spite of his hard work, honesty, loyalty and commitment towards the politician and the political party, the next in line karyakarta just remains a karyakarta only for his entire life without being rewarded for his loyalty and commitment. Hardly any politician in Goa will have a clean record as most of them have criminal cases pending against them either initiated through vengeance by the adversary or some are of such low morale character that they are criminals by birth with no moral character and therefore even after being elected due to their criminal tendencies do not hesitate to continue with their crimes. Power invests in these criminal politicians immense strength to further continue with their crimes as they become capable of suppressing all and every kind of legal action which ought to be taken against them.

In the State of Goa illegally acquired money such as alleged gambling proceeds are utilized to fund elections. In fact some of the politicians in Goa are themselves alleged gamblers, however no person has dared to disclose their identity till date. Certainly a politician convicted for madka gambling in Goa has enjoyed the privilege of sitting on the seat of the MLA in Goa’s Legislative Assembly. Politicians in Goa have started differentiating between the different incarnations of Goddess Parvati by comparing certain politicians to the Goddess. It is very unfortunate that these Politicians are comparing their corrupt colleagues to the divine Goddess, however if comparisons are allowed than these gambling convicts and murder accused Politicians should  be compared to Narkarsur as Diwali is approaching. The voters in every constituency also have to take note of a politician’s criminal background before voting or else we will have representatives as evil as the Narkasur. Similarly it is absolutely necessary that the voters realize the greed and lust of such politicians and categorically make a point that they vote only for a candidate whose family member is not contesting in any other assembly constituency. If only family members start contesting and winning seats than one can imagine what would be the political atmosphere in the Sate of Goa. The State of Goa is to be governed by eligible, capable and loyal politicians and not by politicians who are greedy, selfish and self-centered like the many whom we have in Goa who are making their spouses, siblings and offspring’s contest in different constituencies.

There is a shrewd and a cunning politician in one of our neighboring states who scandalously conspired and made his own nephew along with few of his MLAs join a major opposition party and form the government. The aim was to form the government only for few days in a settlement conspiracy whereby after forming government the crores of fund was to be reverted back. Within few days the so-called rebelled nephew rejoined his uncle’s political party along with the rebel MLAs thereby overthrowing the government after fund was reverted back. The audacity of this senior politician is such that he along with the rebel nephew immediately forms government with a political party which is in absolute rivalry with the political party with whom government for some days was formed by the rebel nephew. From this we Goans have to learn a lesson that these politicians have no principles and are only interested in power and money. This same senior uncle politician who to a extent helped a political party in one of the biggest eastern states of India, has in a similar understanding to the events occurred in the  neighboring state, introduced an eastern state political party in our State of Goa. The Goan voters should be intelligent enough to understand that certain political parties allegedly work on individual lines and in the State of Goa there is hardly any political party to divide individual votes. In the state of Goa there are many parties to divide secular votes which in turn would certainly benefit the political party working on targeting individual votes. Further to worsen things rumors are heard that the other political parties working or allegedly targeting individual votes would contest under one banner. In the light of the above circumstances introducing a big political party from an eastern state of India will only work to the advantage of the major political party targeting individual votes in Goa as there are more than 5 to 6 political parties eyeing for secular votes in this tiny State of Goa. It appears as if a deal has been struck with this shrewd neighboring senior uncle politician to introduce this so-called big eastern state political party in Goa so as to guarantee split in secular votes which the people of Goa should understand. The so-called individual votes will be concentrated towards only one political party whereas the secular votes will be divided among 4 to 5 political parties and with this aim only the shrewd uncle politician from the neighboring state has initiated to introduce the eastern state political party in Goa. There are chances that after the elections like twice before when the purpose is served this eastern state political party may disappear from the political scenario of Goa.

From the development in the political scenario in recent days in the state of Goa, it appears that the shrewd politician from the neighboring state and the so-called political party allegedly propagating on individual lines have succeeded in fooling and luring the people of Goa to join this eastern state political party. One has to always remember that politicians are incorrigible and for their benefits can stoop any low right from begging to dealing and as such the Goan voters should not fall prey to the games played by these politicians. The Goan voters should not be gullible towards these politicians and should be strong enough to make a point that eligible and qualified candidates are only elected. If family members of the same family are contesting in different constituencies than the Goan voters should make a point that none of the family member is elected as we Goans do not want family Raj. Certain MLA’s in Goa have been in the opposition for almost half of the term and for the sake of development had to shift allegiance and join the ruling party, however to their misfortune as Covid-19 pandemic struck even after joining the ruling party they were circumstantially restrained from carrying out development to a certain extent which the intelligent voters of the State of Goa have to understand. Democracy is all about people’s representation and not a particular family’s representation and as such the 40 assembly constituencies in Goa should be represented by 40 MLA’s of 40 different families and not MLA’s belonging to the same family. Only request to the voters of Goa is to enjoy all the benefits as a voter you get during this time of the elections from these politicians, however at the time of voting make a point that you vote not for the selfish politician whose benefits you have enjoyed during the election period but to a candidate who actually qualifies to be your representative.

(This is the personal opinion of the writer who is an Advocate practicing at Mapusa- Goa.)

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