The North Goa District Congress Committee President, Vijay Bhike launched a direct attack on the BJP government, holding it responsible for the lack of development in Mapusa. The Former Deputy Chief Minister late Francis D’Souza and his son, Joshua have barely contributed to any major development in Mapusa since taking over the helms in 1999.
The people of Mapusa have been deprived of development and their rights. For two decades, the town remains an eyesore with myriad civic problems. Only Congress will be able to give Mapusa a major makeover.
“Francis was the Deputy Chief Minister, Urban Development Minister, Revenue Minister and besides residing in Mapusa, he has not done anything. Garbage woes, parking facilities and roads are in bad shape across the constituency. Projects such as the municipal building, vegetable and fish market that were sanctioned during the Congress term have been completed. Even the JICA project is the Congress initiative,” he pointed out.
Bhike also came down heavily on the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) for failing to solve the issues plaguing the town.
“The MMC only passes resolutions, but no work is being carried out. They only charge garbage tax, but collection and disposal of garbage is not done properly. House tax has also been increased with no proper facilities in place. The roads are in a pitiful condition, but the BJP-led municipal council has only remained to be a successful money collection agent,” he highlighted.
The Congress leader from Mapusa goes on to take a dig at the law and order in Goa. He says the common man should be able to roam freely and sleep peacefully at night. People will get back their safety, security and peaceful sleep if Congress comes to power. Despite having a BJP leader who should have been in the front line of development, Mapusa is still drowned in problems for the last 25 years.

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