PANAJI: The Revolutionary Goans urged the government to stop the illegal construction being carried out at Galgibag, Canacona after a joint inspection was carried out recently. It was brought to light by locals that an illegal construction is being carried out in Khazan land by blocking the natural drains and damaging sluice gates.
The officials have carried out the required inspection and will visit again to complete the procedure in order to submit a complete report to the Deputy Collector.
A local man, Seby Baretto had lodged a complaint about this issue with the Deputy Collector and in TCP Department on September 15 but the work of land filling continued. Taking swift action in this matter the RG Taluka Coordinator, Prashant Pagi informed the South Goa Flying squad which came and carried out a site inspection.
On seeing the flying squad report, the Deputy Collector directed the Canacona Mamlatdar to conduct an inquiry and send him the report.
The complainant Seby, Prashant and RG members were present along with the locals in large numbers during the joint inspection.
The RG Canacona Leader, Prashant Pagi said, “Outsiders and Non Goans buy land in Goa with huge investment plans, and straight away they start with the destruction of the ecology of that place. They do not respect the laws of the region. They think they can buy everyone in Goa. The Deputy Collector asked the Mamlatdar to do an inspection along with the local panchayat. Both the mamlatdar and panchayat secretary did not come for the inspection which creates doubts in the mind of the locals,” .
RG feels that the local panchayat along with the Mamlatdar are hand in gloves with this illegality being carried out.
Prashant Pagi said, many projects are introduced saying they will generate employment for locals but everyone knows the reality. There is a 5 star resort in Canacona where 80% of the employees are non-Goans. Also the local taxi owners just wait in queues outside the resort as the App-based taxi service is taking guests from this resort.
RG Leader, Sanjam Naique said, Goans and especially Canconcars must be vigilant on illegalities happening in their locality.
While Seby spoke on the probable side effects of this massive land filling which could lead to flooding and other forms of destruction in the said area.

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