The KTC Bus Stand Mapusa was inspected as per decision


The KTC Bus Stand Mapusa was inspected as per decision of the North Goa District Road Safety Monitoring Cell to check for the compliance of measures required for the safety of passengers & other stakeholders. after the inspection it was decided that the Mapusa Municipal Council, Urban Health Centre and the Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited will submit their Action Taken Reports on the Inspection findings by mid November to Salim Sheikh DySp Traffic & Monitoring Cell Chairman for onward submission to Ajit Roy IAS Collector & District Magistrate.

As the Mapusa Bus Stand is an important bus terminus in North Goa, it was decided to examine the implementation of the recommendations made during the earlier inspection held 21 months ago i.e. in January 2020 . The Inspection team of officials from various Departments alongwith Consumer Forum volunteers included Divisional Traffic Officer KTCL Vishnu Shetgaonkar , Mapusa Fire Station Officers, Bosco Ferrao & Rupesh Samant, Municipal Engineer Mapusa Municipal Council Nadeem M. Sheikh , AMVIs,Pawan N. Shet and Directorate of Transport Pravin Wadkar , Sanitary Inspector UHC Mapusa Uday V. Tamhanker and Co-ordinator Charles Correia Foundation Tahir Noronha .

Co-ordinator of GOACAN and member of the Monitoring Cell Roland Martins highlighted the importance of such inspections for compliance, sought the cooperation of all partner Departments and pointed out that the same was being held during the State Road Safety Week and Vigilance Awareness Week. He emphasized that early action can prevent accidents and save precious lives & property.

The recommendations of the Fire Department had not been implemented namely electrical cables were haphazardly routed through the shops & offices while electrical Junction Boxes and cable joints were left exposed, storage of unwanted paper, cardboard and garbage remained a fire hazard, First Aid Portable Fire Extinguishers were not found in the shops & offices while the courtyard hydrant provided in between the MMC jurisdiction area and KTC Bus stand lacked operating valve and fire pump. Many of the Deendayal Rojgar Yojana Kiosks which were sublet had made all kinds of encroachments in the open space and storage of soft drink bottles, crates and ancillary businesses of florist and tobacco products had resulted in obstruction to the free movement of the passengers.

A proposed tea stall was being constructed near the Pay Toilet for women on the main Bus Stand platform by encroaching on the passenger seating and the bus bay area thereby restricting open space.

The metal fabrication on which the huge hoardings are erected at the border of the bus stand were found to be rusted, broken,not painted and pose a risk of collapsing. Many temporary electrical connections with cable joints were also left exposed and next to these hoardings which pose a direct threat of electrical shocks to passengers. Many cover slabs of the gutter built by the MMC were found in broken condition posing a danger to pedestrians especially Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities.

Large amounts of broken beer bottles were found strewn outside retail liquor outlets in the MMC building opp theTaxi stand & bordering the Bus stand area and pose a danger to the passengers walking inside the bus stand.The unused huge metal gates at the entrance and the exit of the bus stand were points for garbage dumping and if removed would improve the movement of buses.

The broken barricades near Sulabh Toilet had allowed two wheelers into the bus stand through a passage meant exclusively for pedestrians to access the bus stand from the taxi stand also The haphazard parking by two wheelers and the presence of cows in the InterState Bus bays also posed a danger to passengers waiting to board the buses. Large amounts of uncleared garbage parked near cars were a fire hazard and lack of bins for waste segregation was resulting in littering of bottles & plastic and contributed to the burning of waste in the bus stand.

” Pay Parking Rates have also not been found displayed and the area for parking of 2 & four wheelers could be increased by better utilization of space” Martins further said

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