the famous Salmona spring in Saligao rejuvenation and beautification


the famous Salmona spring in Saligao got a new lease of life as springs were seen breaking out of the ground ,as the work of rejuvenation and beatification work of the Salmona spring nearly reached its completion on Saturday

Saligao MLA Jayesh salgaonkar along with Saligao sarpanch Lafira Remedios Gomes ward member of Salmona and ex Sarpanch Shradha Borkar, dy. Sarpanch Daya Mandrekar and panch members namely kalpana Eknath Oraskar Deepak Rane Daya Kudnekar Lucas Remedios Pandurang alias Nandu Harmalkar inspected the rejuvenation work and found that the natural springs were seen coming out from the water passages of the spring which were initally blocked due to the accumulated garbage

the Heritage lovers and locals had demanded that beautification of this site should be taken up by the authorities as soon as possible as the water passages inside the spring were blocked as the spring was littered with a lot of garbage ranging from alcohol bottles and dry leaves giving it a shabby look especially for the locals who used to take a bath at the spring for waters which were known to have medicinal properties but the locals were not permitted to take a bath at the spring as the rejuvenation work was yet to commence . paying heed to the demands of the locals and heritage lovers MLA Jayesh salgonkar handed over the work of doing the rejuvenation of the spring to the Water Resources Department in collaboration with the panchayat. The steps leading which were in a dilapidated conditon have also been fitted with tiles giving it a fresh look

“We have done excellent work with the Spring and its near completion, by end of Oct we will hand over the site to the Panchayt and open it up to for Heritage lovers” said saligao MLA Jayesh Salgonakar

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