The IXth National Traditional Wrestling and Pankration Championship, 2021

The IXth National Traditional Wrestling and Pankration Championship, 2021 which was held from 30th to 31st October, 2021, at Maizon’s Lake View Resort, Arpora concluded on a gratifying note as the team representing Goa gave a remarkable performance and successfully locked in the 3rd place at the event by winning 19 Gold, 9 Silver and 8 Bronze.
The 2nd place was secured by Manipur with 32 Gold, 12 Silver and 15 Bronze while Maharashtra won the Championship with 50 Gold, 50 Silver and 62 Bronze.
The following are the names of the winners along with the medals won in various categories:
M. Saif Mulla – Gold and Silver
Azaan Sayyad – Gold and Silver
Khalid Maner – Gold and Silver
Sathvath Khalap – Gold and Bronze
Krishit Sakhalkar – Gold and Bronze
Raja Shetye – Gold and Bronze
Ahd Mulla – Gold
Khushi Sakhalkar – Gold
Sakshi Naik – Gold
Namrata Sanadi – Gold
Roshni Lokur – Gold
Asiya Saikalgar – Gold
Arohi Kamble – Gold
Afifa Mulla – Gold
Shiven Narvekar – Gold
Rudra Kamble- Gold
Nehal Sanadi- Gold
Durgesh Kodbal Gold
Arif Saikalgar- Gold
Zalgai Rahimi – Silver (2)
Afraz Sakali – Silver (2)
Ali Saikalgar –  Silver and Bronze
Numaan Sayyad – Silver and Bronze
Sejal Parsekar – Silver
Sudiksha Korgaonkar – Silver
Adnaan Sayyad – Bronze
Nandish Bagayatkar – Bronze
M. Zaid Mulla – Bronze
The Chairman of the Traditional Wrestling and Pankration Association of Goa Adv. Shashank Narvekar has expressed that all this has been possible only due to the hard work and dedication of the Coach & Gen. Secretary of the Goa Association, Hussain Mulla who himself is a 5th DAN Black Belt in Kick Boxing, Master in Boxing & National Gold Medalist in Kick Boxing.
Hussain Mulla had complete confidence in the ability of all the Atheletes training under him and the result of this event elaborates how a small push in the right direction can get young Atheletes to achieve their full potential.
The entire Goa delegation is extremely hopeful and excited for the future.  The President of the Traditional Wrestling and Pankration Association of Goa Adv. Madhumita Narvekar has said that defeating 2 and 3 times National Gold Medalists from States such as Manipur. Nagaland, Maharashtra etc. was not an easy feat and that all of Goa should be proud of our young Atheletes who are as young as 4 ½ years old.
Credit especially goes to all the double medal winners and in particular to  Raja Shetye, M. Saif Mulla, Ahd Mulla  Roshni Lokur and Krishit Sahkhalkar all of whom had extremely challenging draws and defeated National Gold Medalists  and Champions.
Traditional Wrestling, Mas-Wrestling  and Pankration are featured and recognized International Championship Sports and these Goan Champions have the potential to be future Olympic and International Championship Medalists.

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