Samadhan restaurant  located in the heart of Mapusa city is a restaurant to really enjoy some good delcious meals in case you are hungry and need goan meals. Samadhan which means satisfy in English is truly going to satisfy  your hunger and tickle your taste buds with the tasty home made goan food served at this restaurant. The restaurant owned by Sanjay Virnodkar caters to the goan populace and the delicious fish curry thali is the  dish that you got to taste at this restaurant.The sumptious goan Veg thali and the fish thali are affordable for the poor while lovable for the rich as the dishes are priced at considerale rates. Besides the sumptious lunch the delicious snacks served at the restaurant are also something  worth tasting. The Samosas sold at this restaurant can really make your mouth water from the Aroma itself . This restaurant is not only visited by goans but also by tourists who stop by to eat some tasty Goan meals. Also a tiffin delivery service is another speciality of this restaurant So if you want to enjoy a true goan ambiance do visit this restaurant which is opened for all throught the day.       

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