Corner meeting by Revolutionary Goans at Madhalamaj, Mandrem

Corner meeting by Revolutionary Goans at Madhalamaj, Mandrem
While the meetings of the Revolutionary Goans are currently gaining momentum in Goa, their Mandrem group also held a corner meeting of Manoj Parab at Madhalamaj. The meeting was held on Tuesday evening at 7 pm in the RBS Hall in the presence of RG supporters.The meeting was attended by a large number of RG supporters from Keri, Harmal, Morjim, Parsem, Tuyem, Virnoda and Mandrem villagers themselves.

Ever since their office in Mandrem has just opened, a lot of RG’s voice is being heard in Mandrem village. Mandrem RG leader Sunaina Gawde and other members were present on this occasion.

“Even though the Mandrem constituency is surrounded by more and more beaches, businesses are not in the hands of the locals. Unemployment is on the rise among the youth and the MLAs are not focusing on providing employment to them. Let’s do the awareness of our rights and the people will wake up and come forward to save our villages”, said Sunaina Gawde addressing the people.

“RG party has come to liberate the whole of Goa from this modern slavery. We are inspiring our young generation to live with self-respect. Now the voters have become wiser. There is no doubt that the next government will be RG’s and I am sure RG will also get Mandre’s seat,” said RG leader Manoj Parab.

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