Revolutionary Goans organised a three-day market for women under the Stree Kranti initiative at Ponda with an aim to bring together women from across the constituency and provide them with opportunities to become self-sufficient.
A Variety of Diwali sweets, food and other items were sold at this market. This initiative was carried out under the leadership of RG Co- Founder, Vishwesh Naik and other members.
“Today in our own state we do not get the space and platform we need to become independent and self-sustained. Many youngsters do not even take up the initiative of starting their own business as the government has failed to provide them with the required motivation. Such initiatives are important for women to become truly self-reliant. If foreigners and outsiders are migrating to Goa today to start their business, then why should we be left behind,” said Naik.
After the formation of the RG government, more such initiatives will be taken up for women in a way that will make them truly self-reliant and self-sufficient. If women want to unleash their talents, they should be given a fair chance. RG will leave no stone unturned when it comes to women empowerment.

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