For 5th, 6th & 7 STD. Students science experiment: Make Your Own Quick Sand


Make Your Own Quick Sand
Quick sand is a fascinating substance, make some of your own and experiment on a safe
scale. Amaze your friends by demonstrating how it works
What you’ll need:
 1 cup of maize cornflour
 Half a cup of water
 A large plastic container
 A spoon
1. This one is simple, just mix the cornflour and water thoroughly in the container to
make your own instant quick sand.
2. When showing other people how it works, stir slowly and drip the quick sand to
show it is a liquid.
3. Stirring it quickly will make it hard and allow you to punch or poke it quickly (this
works better if you do it fast rather than hard).
4. Remember that quick sand is messy, try to play with it outside and don’t forget to
stir just before you use it.
5. Always stir instant quicksand just before you use it!
What’s happening?
If you add just the right amount of water to cornflour it becomes very thick when you stir it
quickly. This happens because the cornflour grains are mixed up and can’t slide over each
other due to the lack of water between them. Stirring slowly allows more water between
the cornflour grains, letting them slide over each other much easier.
Poking it quickly has the same effect, making the substance very hard. If you poke it slowly
it doesn’t mix up the mixture in the same way, leaving it runny. It works in much the same
way as real quick sand.

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