GOACAN has expressed concern about the encroachment of Passenger Seating area & access to Busbay No. 5 at Mapusa Bus Stand


GOACAN has expressed concern about the encroachment of Passenger Seating area & access to Busbay No. 5 at Mapusa Bus Stand due to the construction of a Tea Stall permitted by Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL).

In a letter to the Director of Transport Rajan Satardekar, GOACAN pointed out that the encroachment was noticed during the Inspection of the Bus Stand conducted by the Monitoring Cell of the North Goa District Road Safety Committee on Thursday 28th October 2021.

The letter further states that during the inspection it was noticed that the construction of the tea stall had not only taken over the area of two benches, but blocked the access to the bus bay and cut off the ventilation on one side.

Moreover, the Fire Officers from Mapusa Fire Station present at the inspection pointed out that this kind of increased commercial activity in the limited seating & movement area for the passengers can be a fire hazard.

On further inquiries by GOACAN it became evident that the construction of the Tea Stall at the Bus Stand did not have any permission from the Mapusa Municipal Council.

GOACAN in its letter has stated that

“we can understand that KTCL seeks to increase its revenue from increasing commercial activity at the Bus Stand, but we are unable to understand why this activity is sought to be done at the cost of the comfort and safety of the passengers.”said GOACAN convenor Roland martins

GOACAN has pointed out in its letter that while Road Safety & Traffic Management is discussed at the State & North Goa District level and the public is directed to follow the law & safety procedures, it is very sad to see that a Government owned Corporation like KTCL is undertaking such unsafe practices.

This blatant violation is not only causing stress among the passengers and the bus operators but is being widely reported in the media as well GOACAN convenor Roland Martins further pointed out

As this is the second incident wherein KTCL has sought to allow commercial activity at the cost of the safety of passengers, the first being at the Panaji Bus Stand, GOACAN has requested the Director Transport to put a stop to the encroachment at the Bus Stand and request KTCL to relocate the proposed Tea Stall thereby bringing relief to the passengers and the bus operators.

Copies of the GOACAN letter have been sent to the Chief Secretary, Secretary Transport, Director Urban Development and Fire & Emergency Services, North Goa District Magistrate, Chief Officer Mapusa Municipal Council, ADT Enforcement North Goa, SP Traffic Police and Assistant Director Consumer Affairs.

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