The works of widening of the approach road and the renovation of the world famous Mae de DeusChurch,


the works of widening of the approach road and the renovation of the world famous Mae de DeusChurch, in Saligao commenced on Saturday the works were inaugurated at the hands of MLA Jayesh Salgonkar

Besides Salgaonkar also present were Sarpanch of Saligao Panchayat Lafira Gomes, Panch member Kalpana Oraskar former Sarpanch Eknath oraskar, Lucas Remedius parish priest Fr John D’Silva and the villagers .

There was a persistent demand from locals to widen the road. But since there was a field by the roadside, the Saligao panchayat managed to obtain permission from the landlord to widen the road. This road-widening work will be carried out at a cost of Rs 25 lakh.

as part of the renovation works currentely painting works of the church has been undertaken followed by the fitting of lawn and also fitting of LED lights so the works will be completed by the 26th of November” said salgaonkar

speaking further Salgaonkar said that the Salmona spring beautification is nearing completion and the spring will be reopened to the public by the month-end.

Meanwhile, the work of levelling and asphalting of internal and main roads in Saligao which were delayed for the last two years due to COVID pandemic and subsequent rains, is underway and will be completed soon, said Sarpanch of Saligao Lafira Gomes

She further expressed satisfaction and gratitude over the progress of many development works in Panchayat under the leadership of incumbent MLA Jayesh Salgaonkar

when questioned MLA Jayesh as to whether there were plans of him to joining any other party salgaonkar said that Leaders of many political parties were in contact with him to join but right now he has not taken a decision of Joining any party

“various parties are approaching local leaders and coming in contact with local leaders and and this process is going but right now but right now i am only with Goa forward” said Salgaonkar

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