SThe North Goa Congress District Committee President, Vijay Bhike today slammed the BJP government’s smart city project stating it was a jhumla and would not solve the real issues plaguing the common man. PM Narendra Modi’s project to construct smart cities across the country will not solve the real issues plaguing the common man.
“CM’s recent announcement that the Mapusa smart city master plan would be initiated before the code of conduct comes into force was nothing but an election gimmick. It was not practically possible to fulfil this promise, but it was being made only to attract voters. How can this work be tendered by GSIDC so quickly? The BJP with an eye on the upcoming Assembly elections was trying to fool the people of Mapusa as their seat was not secure as the local MLA is inexperienced and has no idea of the ground reality,” pointed out Bhike at a press conference held at the Congress office at Mapusa on Monday.
Congress observed the fifth anniversary of demonetization and termed it a massive disaster. The Modi government has been unsuccessful in putting an end to corruption and returning the black money to the country. One can recall that on November 8, 2016, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced on national television the disastrous decision to ban currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations from midnight.
Meanwhile, the senior Congress leader also took a dig at the empty promises being made by the BJP-led Government prior to the assembly elections. Water shortage, traffic congestion, bad roads and pending projects like the new bus stand, Ravindra bhavan and sewage project are some of the issues that were promised to be taken up during the by-election in Mapusa constituency.
“The present government is very good at making empty promises to the voters which they will never be able to fulfil. The people of Mapusa need to introspect and see how much has been delivered by the Mapusa MLA during his term,” signed off Bhike.

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