BJP failed to provide jobs in Government and Private sector: Youth Congress*


*BJP failed to provide jobs in Government and Private sector: Youth Congress*

MAPUSA: The President of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress on Thursday stated that former governor or Goa Satyapal Malik has exposed corruption done by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and now Minister Michael Lobo has exposed his (Sawants) promises of giving ten thousand jobs, saying it is impossible.

GPYC President Adv Varad Mardolkar on Thursday addressed press conference at North District Office at Mapusa and said that double engine of BJP has failed to generate jobs.

State General Secretaries Adv. Archit Naik and Saish Aroskar, Mapusa Youth Congress President Himanshu Tivrekar, Siolim Youth Congress President Adv. Roshan Chodankar, North District Vice President Yash Kochrekar were present on the occasion.

” Former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had promised to give fifty thousand jobs, while now Pramod Sawant has assured to give ten thousand jobs. They both failed to keep their words and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to provide two crore jobs annually assured by him.” Mardolkar said.

He said that unemployment doles announced by these governments also never became a reality. ” This is evident that BJP is hoodwinking youths and trying to lure them with mere assurances. They are playing with sentiments of youths.” Mardolkar said.

Mardolkar said that youths are suffering in Goa as there are no jobs.

Mardolkar said that statement by Michael Lobo itself exposes Pramod Sawant that it is not possible to give ten thousand jobs. “When it will advertise the jobs and do the further formalities. This is just a political gimmick to send call letters and hoodwink youths to support them to win. “Mardolkar said.

According to Mardolkar, in December code of conduct will be in force and government wont be able to fill these posts.

Mardolkar also said that BJP government not only failed to provide govt jobs, but also failed to create jobs in private sector. ” when Congress was in power under the leadership of Digamber Kamat, many good industries had come to Goa. However, BJP govt failed to bring IT industries and others.” Mardolkar said.

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