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Pappammal Alias ​​Rangammal  farms on a land of around 2.5 acres in the village of Thekkampatti on the banks of the Bhavani River in Tamil Nadu.
 In this farm she grows cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits organically.  Pappamal is considered ideal for organic farming in Tamil Nadu and Even at the age of 105, she is passionate about working in agriculture and enthusiastically participating in various agricultural activities. She was born in 1914 in Deolapuram, Tamil Nadu.  When Pappammal was young, her parents died and Later, Pappamal and her ister were taken care of by their grandmother
 her father had a grocery store and Later, when her grandmother died, it was Pappamal who ran the shop.  There were no schools in those days and She only learned the tricks from the game.
 Although she was a shopkeeper, she loved to work in the fields and grow grain.  Ever since she was a child, she used to think that she should have her  own farm.  Later she started a hotel in the shop and she begun to accumulate a lot of money and The house started functioning properly.
  Pappammal wanted to take land for farming and she began to put aside a little money and With good money, bought ten acres of land.and she began to cultivate the land.
 Instead of pursuing chemical farming,she started growing corn, various types of pulses, fruits and vegetables organically for her family.  While farming, she also took official education in agriculture at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.  Their organic farming flourished on the strength of education and experimentation.  She has now kept two and a half acres of farmland and has given the rest to her sister’s daughter.  Pappamal has been successfully cultivating organically for 60 years.
Various universities invite them to various agricultural programs so that other farmers can benefit from their experience in the field of agriculture.  Insist on investing both time and labor in organic farming.  Nowadays, young children are in a hurry, so they set an example by saying that it will not work.
Inspired by Pappamal, many young people in Tamil Nadu have turned to organic farming.
 Not only agriculture, but Pappamal has also made a mark in politics.  She  contested the Gram Panchayat elections and became a member of the Panchayat; but they did not go that way again stating that that she loved the soil.
Pappamal says, that ‘Labor is their strength and  Afternoon nap, relaxation is something they don’t like.  Even today, there is no peace without farming. ‘
 At present, Pappamal has become a celebrity, and the number of interviewers has increased, but she is still in the field.

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