Felicitation program


Sometimes the most essential services go unrecognised and unacknowledged and so on the same note the Aam Aadmi party Leader Sudesh Mayekar on Saturday visited the motorcycle pilots to understand their problems and also felicitated them by distributing helmets and also a shawl for the services which they have rendered to the tourism industry .


Most of the motorcycle pilots did not have a proper shelter to park their motorcycles  in order to wait for their customers and so they had to park in adverse weather conditions  so understanding the problems of the pilots AAP leader Sudesh Mayekar who is also the panch member along with the financial support of another social worker constructed a shed for them and so now the pilots have a shed where they can wait and do their business also due to the lack of proper parking space these pilots used to park their motorcycles in a haphazard manner in the Calangute market and the police used to lift their vehicles  so now with the construction of the shed  their parking problem will be solved permanently.

“The motorcycle pilots are only available in the state of Goa and we have to promote them as they are the brand ambassadors of tourism as even the local as well foreign tourists avail of their services and so to motivate them we have felicitated them so that they can further promote tourism in the state” said Mayekar


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