The main idea of the Co-operative sector is to see to it that co-operative societies will be able to achieve a at least minimum prosperity in the co-operative sector said registrar of co-operative society Arvind Khutkar

Khutkar was speaking to reporters at the sidelines of the inauguration of the co-operative Mela by women self-help groups stalled outside the Barde Bazzar co-operative society. The department of co-operation and the national co-operative union of India in collaboration with bardez bazzar consumers co-operative society is organising the 68th All India Co-operative week celebrations. The celebration which begun on the 14 of November with the flag hoisting at the headquarters of bardez bazaar will go on right up till the 21st of this month . the 5th day of the co-operative week will be held on 18th at the saraswat vidhhyalaya credit co-operative society mapusa which will be inaugurated by MLA Joshua D’souza in the presence of BJP state president Sadanad shet Tanavde with special invitees which will include for union law minister Ramakant Khalap secretary of co-operation Chokharam Garg and senior co-operator Vital vernekar . The theme for the co-operative week is prosperity through cooperation . 10 women entrepreneurs have put up their stalls outside the bardez bazaar

“its not only in bardez bazaar which has come forward and shared their commercial space and left it open for all self help groups to sit and earn for themselves” said Khutkar

“equally you can see that certain government departments which have also come forward like the Goa state urban co-operative bank, RDA which are working towards promoting self help groups where the rural women can come merchandise and place their products and earn some sort of livelihood out of that” said Khutkar

“i congratulate the chairperson of Bardez bazaar as she has come voluntarily and kept this commercial space open for all the self help groups” Khutkar further said

“one of the principle of cooperation is concern for the community and if concern for the community is there than only we will be able to develop in co-operatives” Khutkar further said

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