Calangute block congress demands action against calangute MLA Michael Lobo


Calangute block congress  to  write to NCB and other concerned authorities demanding action against calangute MLA  Michael Lobo’s involvement in drug trade

calangute: congress leaders from Calangute Constituency have said that they will write to NCB and other concern authorities to initiate action against business deals of calangute Michael lobo and  his alleged involvement in the drug trade and other illegal activities

addressing a news conference at calangute former calangute MLA said that the the recent statements made by siolim MLA against Michael lobo comparing him to the famous drug  dealer Pablo escobar is apt as he has given an upper hand to the drug trade in his constituency

“actually the  siolim MLA wanted to raise the issue of the the drug trade in the assembly but it was this same Michael Lobo who advised palyekar not to speak on drugs  or else he should take action against Palyekar for the statements which he has made ” said Ferandes

Michael is trying to control drug route by vying for tickets in Mapusa and Calangute and Siolim so he is controlling the drug route which starts with supply at Mapusa and percolates towards calangute but is least interested in Saligao, Porvorim so his ideas are very typical to the famous drug lord Pablo escobar” said Ferandes

speaking further Fernandes said that the NCB and ED should do a thorough investigation and demanded that  Michael lobo should be brought to book as this is a big racket and and added that Michael should not be in the assembley but in Jail during his next term

Former calangute MLA also questioned the silence of chief minister over the plans of Michael lobo  to join Congress and demanded to know whether BJP has been running on the money from Narcotic drugs by Michael lobo

“i want to also  ask congress  leaders whether they are in talks with him and whether do they want congress party to be run by his ill gotten drug money” said Agnelo

Agnelo further said that the gang wars which are happening in calangute  including  murder and rapes  are because of the drug trade

“when there is drugs there is going to be murder and rapes and there is no security for women because of these drug gangs and the person responsible for this is michael lobo” Agnelo further said

 “the biggest drug raid in calangute was done in candolim when michael lobo was out of station so why is the chief minister and the narcotics bureau afraid to touch the drug dealers when Michael is in town when he himself was saying that he knows the names of police officers who are in this drug trade” fernandes further questioned

Besides former calangute MLA  congress leaders Benedict dsouza and Joseph sequeira also lambasted the MLA for his alleged involvement  in the drug trade

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