Querim Beach


Querim Beach lies in the northern region of the beach and Due to its secluded location, very few travellers visit this beach on the excursion around Goa. However, if people  do plan to visit here, you will not return disappointed.

Typically, the beach stretches for a good 2 kilometres of white sand, rocky outcrops and trees. A river inlet is one of the most striking geographical features of this beach. The pine trees provide restful shade as you walk down the shoreline or simply sit down under one of them to catch the fresh salty air.

If you happen to pass the beach during sunrise, you might find the place completely deserted and in a tranquil state. Gradually during the day, the beach is flocked by a handful of people who enjoy sunbathing in a quiet setting.

One can watch the Terekhol River flowing right out in the sea and even traverse the Querim Village via a crossing on a ferry service. Across the river also lies the Terekhol Fort, which is now a modern hotel. Along the beach is the Ajoba Temple that dates back to an unknown time in history. Also, there are several Goan style houses and a few vendors here who offer local food.

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