PANAJI: Revolutionary Goans asserted that the party will take necessary steps towards empowering women across Goa through their Stree Kranti initiative.
Recently the Revolutionary Goans team from Saligao motivated a group of women from Donvaddo to procure their own wheat flour and spice making machine in order to become self-sufficient.
Revolutionary Goans leader from Saligao, Rohan Kalangutkar pointed out that women empowerment was their motto. He is currently imparting training to these women on how to use these machines.
“We believe that women have an important role to play in the progress of the society and country at large. Once they are empowered only then will they be independent and financially stable. RG will make the required market available for them to sell the flour and spices prepared by this group across the constituency. This way even Saligao will be self-sufficient,” said Rohan.
“The sale of their products will be promoted under the ‘Amche Dhondekar’ initiative. If women are provided with a market, it will be easier to carry out their business. It will also be possible to recover the amount they have invested on these machines,” he added.
RG urges locals from across Saligao constituency to patronise the products prepared by these women instead of buying from the market and shops. There is a need for the administration to help them in such work so that more women in Goa can become self-sufficient and financially stable.
Similar initiatives are being carried out in Nerul, Reis Magos, Pilerne, Sangolda and Guirim as well.

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