BJP congress hand in glove with each other:NCP


BJP congress hand in glove with each other:NCP

Days after the congress Goa state unit working president Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco visited a hotel where BJP’s Goa election in charge Devendra Fadnavis had been staying the NCP on Wednesday said that Lourenco’s visit to the hotel shows that there is a setting between the BJP and congress and both of them are hand in glove with each other

Addressing a news conference at Mapusa NCP General Secretary Sanjay Barde said that the visit of Lourenco to meet the BJP election in charge shows that both the parties are hand in glove with each other

“the NCP wants to know to why did a congressman go to meet a BJP leader and what kind of a strategy was discussed ” said Barde

“Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Girish Chodankar told reporters that he had asked Lourenco to visit the hotel to attend a scheduled meeting with a poll strategist but why did the meeting take place in a closed hotel this clearly indicates that both the parties are had in gloves with each other” barde further said
citing another example Barde further also pointed to the setting between the BJP councillors and the opposition councillors as during the recent council meeting the chairperson of the Mapusa municipal Council had passed a resolution without obtaining the signatures of the opposition councillors

“During the meeting the opposition councillors should have demanded for disqualification of the chairperson for not obtaining their signatures of the councillors but the opposition councillors did not utter a single word so from this it is evident that even in the Mapusa municipal council the opposition Congress and BJP are both hand in gloves with each other” Barde further said

when questioned whether the NCP would ever think of forming an alliance with the Congress party Barde said that the question of forming an alliance does not arise as they they don’t trust the congress which is hand in glove with the BJP

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