Climate change delays arrival of turtles in Morji

Climate change delays arrival of turtles in Morji
 Morji and Ashwem-Mandrem beaches in Pedne taluka are famous for olive ridley turtles.  The government has reserved 500 square meters of land as a turtle breeding center at Tembawada Morji.
 A turtle conservation campaign has been going on in Morji since 1997. In the year 2000, the government has secured a place for turtles.  However, the Coastal Authority recently prepared a plan but did not show the turtle conservation site.  Citizens are outraged.  This year, the arrival of turtles has been delayed due to climate change, and work is underway to set up a seasonal study center.
 Arrival of 24 turtles last year This year, the arrival of turtles in coastal areas has been delayed due to climate change.  Hervey turtles lay their eggs in the first week of October. Last year, 24 turtles laid a total of 2496 eggs in this coastal area out of which 1674 chicks were released into the sea.  The chicks hatch after a natural process at 45 to 52 days.
 Pollution frightens turtles, In the coastal area of ​​Morjim Tembwada, under the sea turtle conservation campaign carried out by the forest department from 1978 to date, 217 turtles laid 23703 eggs out of which 14633 chicks were released safely, while 6636 chicks were spoiled and 1441 chicks died at birth. There are many reasons why sea turtles do not come ashore.  If there is a disturbance of the shore, a flash of lightning at night, or a fireworks display at night.  The current noise pollution, overnight sea navigation, large boats floating on their lights, and climate change are the main reasons why sea turtles do not come, where there is no peace and electricity, turtles dig holes and go back to the sea.  According to the procedure, 50 to 52 deviasani hatch from the eggs. These chicks go to the sea in the direction of the sparkling sea water that glows at night. Nowadays, the staff releases the chicks to the sea water and they go into the water.  Some puppies are eaten by large fish while others survive.
 Vaccination Center
Governments are working hard to expand the reach of tourism.
Different methods are developed to attract different tourists.  As a result of this campaign, Morjims name is prominently displayed on the world tourism map.
 Tourists from all over the world come to know and study the rare turtles.  However, there is no permanent study center in this place, which is very inconvenient for the citizens and tourists.  The government had reserved 500 square meters of land for cassava in 2002, but the CRZ Act has created difficulties in setting up a permanent study center there.
 Tortoise conservation campaign should be a boon to tourists. This turtle conservation campaign should also be a boon to tourists and locals without being a curse.  There should not be a situation where Adi Kasav should live or Adi man should live.
 Tourists can see how the turtle conservation campaign is carried out especially in these coastal areas and the same tourists can then come to the Shakespeare restaurant in the coastal area and give them a small amount of business.

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