People’s power prevails at Calangute over the issue of access towards a chapel


The peoples victory prevailed at calangute as the villagers of Gauravddo east took a resolution to restore the traditional access leading towards the saint Anthonys chapel on Tuesday

the meeting was arranged by parish priest to know from Villagers if the alternative road access proposal put by Builder is acceptable or not. The Chapel committee and Panchayat was with builders proposal but the villagers took a resolution and demanded for restoring existing road acess to the public as it was earlier by lowering its height and also by tarring it and also to construct a wall on both side from clear obstruction.

The villagers also took a decision that a letter will be sent to Sarpanch by parish priest.

The villagers also demanded Sorry demanded to revoke Occupancy licence for the same A.A.R.A project.

The villagers also demanded that the occupancy should be revoked with time bond to restore in 14 days time after the date of submitting the letter to VP Calangute.

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