TMC for wasting funds from the west Bengal exchequer on advertisements and hoardings.  


The North Goa congress district  committee President VIjai bhike has slammed the Trinamool congress for wasting funds from the west Bengal exchequer on advertisements and hoardings.  the party has come to Goa six months before an election and expects people to blindly vote for them by plastering flags and posters everywhere said Bhike

addressing a news conference Bhike criticised the party for spending lavishly on advertisements and hoardings at a time when a Corona-hit population is suffering from financial hardships
“TMC is wastefully spending crores of rupees for advertisements and hoardings as well as on social media for their Political campaigns.  They have also  illegally put up their flags on electrical poles they should understand that party flags posters and banners along will not help them win elections. such blatant misuse of Public funds is bound to generate serious consequences” said bhike while addressing a press conference at the congress office at mapusa on Friday
first of all due to the pandemic and inflation the common man is struggling to make ends meet and TMC Is Shamefully wasting money on advertising in GOa during a time when the Corona hit population is suffering from Financial hardship” he further added
bhike also went on to condemn the statements made by former Goa chief minister Luizinho Faleiro who joined the Trinamool congress few months ago stating that the congress family is now fragmented and he will work towards bringing the family togather
where is your loyalty to the party you were part of for the last 40 years the party that has given birth to your Political carrier you have betrayed and you have gone to another party so please donot talk about bringing the congress family together.
 First of all you are breaking the secular forces so do not misguide and fool the people of Goa the congress party is strong enough to protect goa its culture and identity with the support oft he Goans” said bhike
he also extended the wishes to Goans on the occasion of the feast of  saint francis xavier besides Bhike also present were treasurer siddesh kamat Azrekar, General secretary NGDCCC Ramachandra Gawde, Secretary NGDCC Prakash Naik and OBC cell chairman NGDCC Amey  M korgaonkar

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