“TMC, AAP and outsider Parties are indulging in caste and religion based politics inorder to divide Goan votes

Saligao: the North Goa pradesh congress committe has stated that the recent political developement wherein Goa’s oldest party. MGP has announced an alliance with the TMC will only result in a rift in ideologies as these two parties have no match when it comes to their cultural identities
“TMC, AAP and outsider Parties are indulging in caste and religion based politics inorder to divide Goan votes. the people of Goa are aware and will bring congress to power in 2022” said north Goa congress president VIjay Bhike in a press breifing
speaking further the north goa congress comittee President stated that the purpoted hunger strike called by AAP leader Amit Playekar for the demolition of the illegal structure at Old oga has turned out to be a Farce that has severly undermined the movement being organised by the save old GOa action committe to ensure the demolition of the structure
“palyekar who said he was on an indefinite fast until the structure was demolished quite conveniently decided to end his fast on the day of the feast of st francis xavier claiming that an order was issued to the panchayat to demolish the structure however  the reality is that Palyekar’s fast was ended without there being any actual demolition or even order for demolition which which would have been a bare requirement based on his intitial claims. is it any suprise that he ended his fast one day before Delhi chief minister arvid kejriwal was to visit the state? questioned Bhike
the north Goa congress district commitee president also blamed the APP government for being directly responsible for the financial crises in Delhi over the non payment of salaries to teachers, doctors, nurses and party workers
” They are coming to Goa making hefty promises and trying to fool the people here but the Congress party which stands for real action and showmanship continues to extend its full support to the protestors and will not back down until the ruling authorities are forced to demolish the structure” Bhike further said
The North Goa Congress committee has stated that the members of the Congress have been and will continue to participate in the satyagraha to demand demolition of the offensive structure”  Bhike further said
Also present for the breifing were St Andre block president Manoj Palkar, office bearer Siddhesh kamat Azrekar and others.

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