BICHOLIM: Congress leaders and workers led by Social Activist from Bicholim, Meghashyam Raut demanded that at least 500 of the 10,000 jobs that the Goa government has promised should be given to the unemployed youth of the constituency alleging that the government’s jobs are being given to people from other constituencies while Bicholim taluka despite being represented by the BJP remained neglected.

The delegation handed over a memorandum to Bicholim deputy collector to be given to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant highlighting their grievances.

Speaking to the media Raut said that Bicholim taluka continued to remain backward with the government turning a blind eye to the constituency despite the people having voted for the BJP.

“We demand that the jobs be given to youth from Bicholim town and surrounding villages with each village and each ward being given ten jobs each. That is the least we expect from the government and not tall promises of jobs and development that are completely hollow on the ground,” Raut said.

“The youth have been given false assurances for the last 20 years but at the end of the day left to fend for themselves. For the last two decades a negligible amount of youth from Bicholim constituency have been given jobs. At least 500 jobs to be allotted to Bicholim constituency out of the 10,000 jobs promised to the state,” he added.

Raut also demanded the upgradation of the Latambarcem Industrial Estate at Bicholim, which he said is lying in a state of total neglect with no industries worth a name having set up shop there in view of the poor facilities offered at the industrial estate.

“We demand that the industrial estate be upgraded and more than 80% jobs be reserved for locals from the area,” Raut said.

In the memorandum that will be handed over to the Chief Minister, Raut also demanded an upgradation and staffing of the Bicholim health center which is without any facilities, he said.

“Patients if they are even a little serious are immediately shifted to Mapusa (Asilo district hospital) or Bambolim (Goa Medical College and Hospital) and very often they die on the way, unfortunately,” Raut demanded.

Via the memorandum he also called for better power and water supply, which he said was erratic or in many cases completely non-existent.

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