RG will win both in 2022, Pernem & Mandrem*


*RG will win both in 2022, Pernem & Mandrem*
PANAJI: Revolutionary Goans leader, Manoj Parab urged the locals to join the revolution as the existence of Pernen under the leadership of the BJP government and Deputy Chief Minister Manohar (Babu) Ajgaonkar was in danger.
“It was high time the people of Pernem united and join the revolution to save the taluka from further destruction and deterioration. In the name of projects and development, Ajgaonkar has become a millionaire while even the little from the common man has been taken away. Development is one of the most used and abused words today by our local MLAs,” said Manoj while addressing a mega public meeting in Pernem.
RG has given the people of Pernem and Mandrem a candidate who is a local and knows the plight of the people. A candidate who has been working on the ground to convince Goan voters that they are being fooled, cheated and deserve better.
RG Mandrem candidate, Sunayana Gawde highlighted how people were being harassed by BJP Mandrem MLA Dayanand Sopte.
“Everyone knows that few days ago an audio clip was made viral in which Dayanand Sopte was heard asking two unidentified businessmen for Rs 44 lakhs. This matter has become a topic of discussion and the voters of Mandrem recognise his voice very well. He can fool other people but not from his own constituency. Jeet Arolkar may also soon jump ship either before or after the election. Locals from Pernem as well as Mandrem have seen how these MLAs switch from one party to another,” she said.
While Pernem Candidate, Sujay Mhapsekar spoke on projects like jobs, mopa airport, development, roads and other issues plaguing the locals.
“Babu Ajgaonkar is solely responsible for the destruction of Pernem. He has miserably failed to sort out many civic issues within the constituency. He must be nervous that years of neglect will come to haunt him this elections. I appeal to the people of Pernem to choose your candidate wisely. RG promise to provide locals with jobs for projects executed within constituency,” said Mhapsekar.

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