Congress Leader Samil Volvoikar joins TMC


Congress Leader Samil Volvoikar joins TMC

PANAJI: Congress Leader and Social Worker from Cumbharjua, Samil Volvoikar on Monday joined the Trinamool Congress and was welcomed into the party by TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee along with a bunch of other workers in the party.

He resigned from the Congress earlier in the day.

Volvoikar, who had a few months back pledged support to the Congress party in a bid to strengthen it, said that he was disappointed with the leadership of the party, which failed to respond to the needs of the people.

“We had joined Congress party some months back along with supporters from all village panchayats in this constituency. We had a vision to work for the constituency and with that in mind had joined the party, however today we feel that the Congress party has regressed over the last several months. Our dream was to strengthen the party in the constituency,” Volvoikar said.

Volvoikar accused the Congress of failing to act on the issues that had become a huge part of the constituency and failed to adequately address the allegation that local leaders of the Congress were party to giving the project permission.

“To do that we needed the support of the Congress leadership. But we see that there are several issues in the constituency, especially that of the illegal construction in Old Goa. We saw that the name of the Congress was being dragged in the Old Goa issue and we had raised the issue with the Congress leadership at the time. But we didn’t get a satisfactory response leaving us with a question over whether the party is serious about taking the people’s issues forward or not,” he added.

“We are also seeing that workers who had joined the Congress a few months back are also leaving the party now. So we came to a decision that we will have to quit the party in order to go forward. We have decided to resign. This is because the Congress party does not stand with the people,” he said.

Volvoikar along with several former members from the Congress camp have also resigned from the party.

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