MAPUSA: The Aam Aadmi is trying to gain political mileage over the erection of a temporary structure to replace the Little Flower Church ahead of Christmans, which was demolished by the Delhi Development Authority back in November.
North Goa Congress president Vijay Bhike accused the party of attempting to save face –through publicising the erection of a temporary tent in place of the Little Flower Church, which is the bare minimum they should have done.
He was responding to AAP leader Venzy Viegas who sought to give credit to the Kejriwal government for rebuilding the temporary tent.
Building a temporary church is no solution to the problem the way the AAP is suggesting. The plastic tent that has been erected is barely any protection from the biting cold of Delhi and the hot summers of the capital city besides also the dry dust that blows across the North Indian plains” Said Bhike
Speaking further bhike said that Church was demolished by the Delhi Development Authority and at the time of the demolition the AAP government completely washed its hands of the issue only saying that the DDA wasn’t under their control but under the control of the Central Government.

“It is only after the AAP realised that the demolition of the Church in Delhi could affect whatever little prospects, they think they have in Goa, that they belatedly decided to act on the issue Yet despite all the ‘action’ and the publicity the only thing they have to show for it is a temporary tent that will barely last for six months and will be completely inadequate to deal with the needs of the faithful” Said bhike

Speaking further he said that The AAP should instead focus on trying to make a positive impression of the people of Goa through genuinely working with them rather than trying to piggyback on other people’s issues and sentiments in a most shameless way to win votes.
With regard to the Old Goa issue, AAP leader Amit Palekar tried to subsume a genuine people’s movement only for the real fighters continuing to fight against the structure while AAP has packed his bags and left.
With the party having realised that despite spending seven years in Goa it has made little headway in winning over the people, the party is getting desperate and has begun indulging in politics that is very close to the ‘dirty’ politics the party said it would change.
Taking cognizance of the memorandum submitted by us, Chief Minister has set up a three-member committee to probe the PWD recruitment issue. He also announced that till the probe is complete the jobs will be on hold. The BJP government also needs to look into the recruitment of jobs at GMC, police department and Directorate of Accounts.
He also slammed the Porvorim MLA Rohan Khauntes decision to join the BJP.
“He is the same person who said the government has no right to continue and had earlier demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. Today he has gone ahead and joined the same party whose leader he nicknamed Pappu,” pointed out Bhike.

Besides bhike other office bearers present
Calangute block President Benedict Desouz, General secretary NGDCC Amit Sawant and Daniel Alvares

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