By Aires Rodrigues

The traffic signals at the Ribandar-Chimbel junction on the Panaji-Old Goa highway which were installed earlier this year have not been functioning for the last many months. This junction has been very perilous with so many fatal accidents and precious lives lost.

Suddenly and miraculously the signals had started working on 5th September, the day President Ram Nath Kovind arrived in Goa. And once again stopped functioning in a few days.

The state of the roads across Goa are also a matter of great concern. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had solemnly promised that all the roads in Goa would be free of potholes by 1st November. But Pramod Sawant has failed to deliver even on this assurance with potholes galore across Goa.

Despite the Bombay High Court having ruled that good and properly maintained roads are a Fundamental Right of every citizen, this so very insensitive Government has allowed the roads to deteriorate to an extremely pathetic condition. The Panaji-Ribandar causeway has developed potholes within days of it being recently hot-mixed.

The authorities don’t seem to care for the hardship faced especially by two wheelers on account of the pothole ridden roads. To add to the misery people have to also navigate around the stray cattle and dogs which have merrily infested our roads and even the Highways.

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