“collapse of law and order in the beach belt.”


Condemning the shooting and group clash late Tuesday night at a beach restaurant, the  Calangute Congress block members have blamed the Calangute PI and MLA for “collapse of law and order in the beach belt.”

Ex-MLA of Calangute Agnelo Fernandes and state Congress party secretary said “the incident that took place yesterday night is very scary as a local restaurant was attacked. This is the third time it has happened.”
“The law and order has collapsed in Calangute under PI Nolasco Raposo and MLA Michael Lobo. This is the third time such a thing has happened to Souza Lobo restaurant owner who is a local,” said Ferandes.
“Today, women cannot move freely in Calangute due to touts who roam freely indulging in all illegal activities and police do not want to act. This is a pre-planned attack on our locals and  the  dance bars and police have to shut down,”said fernandes
Meanwhile, the Calangute panch and ex-sarpanch Anthony Menezes sai that the the incident was really shocking for the village of calangute
” Calangute is witnessing gang rivalry and  the shooting incident will tarnish the name of  our village . Tourists will fear to come as the news has spread like wildfire.
” We say that Goa is peaceful. It is no more peaceful and and locals will have to be united to fight against such elements. The panchayat has to act by revoking their trade licenses.” said menezes
Such incidents create insecurity among the general public and there is a need to take stern action and maintain law and order in the state”

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