Calangute block congress demands for immediate suspension of Calangute MLA from his post as a minister

 The Calangute block congress  has demanded with chief minister to immediately  suspend of Calangute MLA and strip him from his post as a minister as he was  hand in glove with the suspended Calangute PI Nolasco Raposo for all the  crimes happening in Calangute constituency
the statement of Calangute block congress comes a day after Calangute PI Nolasco Raposo had been placed under suspension, as ordered by the Director-General of Police for his purported inability to handle the series of attacks on the   iconic Souza lobo shack in Calangute .
“In wake of congress team who  has been regularly harping  and exposing the bad going on in Calangute constituency. The yesterday’s media briefing had a tremendous effect throughout  Goa for which the Government had no option left and were left naked Kudos to our Congress team” said Calangute Block Congress President Benedict D’souza
citing an instance wherein the Calangute PI was known for his stealing instincts former MLA Agnelo Fernandes said that when his restaurant in Calangute was burgled and after the money was recovered from the thieves and handed over to PI Raposo who was the then  PI of calangute the same PI  had put the same stolen cash in his drawer and former Calangute MLA had even complained about it in the police station after doing a panchanama
“this is a punishment from him by God as the police officer who himself is known for stealing money  tells everyone coming to the police station about  God but does not put an end to his stealing instincts” said Fernandes
speaking further former Calangute MLA Angelo Fernandes said that the suspended Calangute PI was known for indulging in corrupts practices and taking haftas from drug dealers, dance bars indulging in prostitution
the same PI was also giving the hafts to the Calangute MLA and the chief minister had to strip the minister and Calangute MLA from his ministry” lobo further said
most of the rapes, Murders and crimes against women and  also robberies specially in Calangute ,Candolim   were going undetected  because of the pressure by the the MLA and protection by the MLA  had full knowledge of the affairs” said former Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes
“we demand that the chief minister should immediately suspend minister and MLA Michael Lobo because when another PI comes the same minister will again exert his influence and pressure on him  as well” Fernandes further said

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