Pernem MLA Manohar “Babu” Ajgaonkar should hang up his boots or face being booted out


January 3, 2022
MAPUSA: North Goa Congress President,Vijay Bhike on Monday urged Tourism Minister and Pernem MLA Manohar “Babu” Ajgaonkar to hang up his boots or face being booted out unceremoniously and rejected by all the parties and being forced to retire in disgrace. No party is willing to take him because he has been making a fortune through his mission 30% commission.
Offering some words of advice for the veteran politician Bhike said that Ajgaonkar is learning belatedly that in politics if you bite people in the back one day the same people will bite you back.
“He would be well advised to retire gracefully having spent a long career in politics. Ajgaonkar now finds himself unwanted by the BJP despite defecting to the party at the cost of his parent party the MGP. The MGP also no longer wants him back and neither does any other party. The Congress doors closed on him long back after the party stated in no uncertain terms that defectors were not welcome,” Bhike said in a press note.
“Unfortunately, Ajgaonkar believes that the show must go on and that he is the centre of the show. What he does not realise when the music has stopped playing but he is still dancing alone on the floor,” he added.
It is time for Ajgaonkar to move on and enjoy sipping tea at home.
Ajgaonkar betrayed the MGP after switching to the BJP in a mid-night move along with Deepak Prabhu Pauskar and is now being betrayed by the same BJP that he had betrayed the MGP for Bhike said.
“Let this serve as a lesson to all aspiring politicians and aspiring defectors that if you betray your voters one day the very people who encourage you to defect will turn against you and leave you out in the cold,” Bhike said.
Ajgaonkar has seen several parties including the MGP, the Congress and the BJP over a long political career where he has also served as minister and deputy chief minister.
Vijay L. Bhike
North Goa Congress District Committee President

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