Congressparty will incorporate suggestions given by various NGOs into party manifesto: Chidambaram


Congressparty will incorporate suggestions given by various NGOs into party manifesto: Chidambaram

Goa election observer and former union finance minister P Chidambaram said that the party will incorporate suggestions given by various NGOs into party manifesto and added that the Party manifesto will be ready within few days

Chidambaram was speaking to reporters at the sidelines “utt Goenkara” an interaction of all Goa NGO’ inorder to prepare a blueprint organized by GPCC on Tuesday at Bodgeshwar Temple hall, Mapusa. a number of issues ranging from Environment to Unemployment and health, women’s issues to law and order, were put forward to the Goa Observer in Charge Shri P. Chidambaram who had expressed his desire to interact with various NGOs, social organizations, concerned individuals, including taxi drivers association, etc. to understand first hand the issues affecting the people of Goa and finding a solution.

Chidambaram was accompanied by north Goa district congress president Vijai bhike and GPCC president Girish chodankar and others During his extensive tours to constituencies across Goa, many people handed over memorandums as well as individual requests to Shr. P Chidambaram. Hence the Observer In Charge wanted to have an open and frank face to face interaction with affected parties including organizations involved in taking up causes for the state of Goa and its people. A large no. of NGO’s and organizations had registered their names for participating in the face to face program.

“the idea is that the voters are larger than the political parties it is not enough to hold discussions within the political party we must talk to people outside the political party and the NGO movement in Goa is a very active and vibrant movement and have passionately espoused causes which are very important to the people therefore we thought we will talk to the NGO’s get their view orally and in writing incorporate the suggestions in our manifesto” said Chidambaram

speaking further CHidambaram said that that the BJP in Goa is a party of defectors union finance minister P Chidambaram said that he will not be surprised if the BJP poaches on their candidates as it is BJP’s character and DNA to poach candidates

“the people must realize that the BJP is the party that has introduced highest degree of immorality in political contests” said Chidambaram

Asked whether party will include defection rule in the affidavit of candidates Chidambaram questioned as to what was the legal effect of that affidavit

when questioned about the seat sharing with Goa forward party he said in a few days the party will declare the seat sharing formula with Goa forward .

asked about this questioned about Reginald Lourenco leaving the congress party and Joining another party Chidambaram said that he was happy that he left the congress as they were not happy to give him the seat but since he was a sitting MLA they had no choice but to give him the seat

“if he had contested as the congress candidate we would have lost the seat so I am very happy that he will contest on another party’s ticket because he will loose there also” said Chidambaram

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