Congress releases 21-point chargesheet against ruling BJP


Congress releases 21-point chargesheet against ruling BJP

PANAJI: The Congress in Goa on Saturday released a 21-point “chargesheet” ahead of Assembly elections highlighting the ruling BJP’s failure to maintain law and order, protect environment, providing safety to women, giving jobs, and other among.

GPCC President Girish Chodankar slammed the BJP over selling the government jobs and depriving deserving candidates. Congress Senior Observer and Election strategist P Chidambaram, GPCC Vice President M K Sheikh and others were present on the occasion.

Chodankar said that irresponsible BJP Government failed to implement the “Goa Vision 2035 Document” prepared by eminent experts from various fields. “The failure of the BJP Government has resulted in Financial Emergency in the State of Goa causing serious harm to its development & prosperity and completely demolishing the seven core focal points emphasised in the Goa Vision – 2035 Document.” He said.
Insensitive BJP government failed to bring Suramya Goa, Santuleet Goa , Susanskrut Goa, Suvidha Goa, Samrudha Goa, Sushaseet Goa, Swanandi Goa from this vision document into reality.

The act of the Government has now transformed the State into Clamorous and Ugly Goa. The Pro-Crony Capitalist agenda of the BJP Government has resulted in causing harm and damage to the Environment, Forest, Wildlife, Rivers and Coast Line of this beautiful State.

The BJP Government failed to give justice to the Citizens of Goa due to its selective and partisan approach.

The BJP Government failed to protect the unique Cultural Heritage of Goa. Minister caught on camera, Involvement in Sex Scandal of a BJP Minister severely dented the image of Goa. This has resulted in transforming the State into Inelegant Goa.

The BJP Government has completely failed to create necessary adequate facilities and infrastructure for enhancing the standard of education in the State. The BJP Government completely failed to come out with “Academic Action Plan” during Covid Pandemic. The State now looks like Benighted Goa.

The BJP Government took credit for stopping the Mining Activity in Goa. They failed to boost and promote the Tourism Industry in Goa. After the outbreak of Covid Pandemic, the BJP Government failed to provide Economic Revival Package for the benefit of the Marginalised Sector.

The BJP Government has transformed this peaceful State into a “Criminal Hub”. Daylight Murders, Everyday Rapes, Kidnappings, Gang Wars and unsolved murder mysteries have converted Goa into a Crime Destination. The BJP Government has promoted Drug Mafia in the State and transformed Goa into a Misruled Goa.

“Business from Peoples Sickness” policy of the most insensitive BJP Government resulted in Murder of Covid Patients due to Shortage of Oxygen and Covid Mismanagement.

The Anti-Goan, Anti-Environment, Anti-Democratic BJP Government has pushed the State of Goa into Bankruptcy with its defective policies, he said.

He said that Congress holds the BJP Government fully responsible for the complete Mismanagement in Administration, Collapse of Law and Order, Failure to Protect the Identity of Goa, Failure to respect the Sentiments of the Goans and Failure to Protect the Environment of Goa.

Murder of Democracy, Environmental Disaster, Collapse of Health Infrastructure and Management, Bankruptcy & Financial Emergency , Collapse of Law & Order, Corrupt Administration, Failure to Provide Social Security, Failure to Provide Jobs and Create Employment Opportunities, Injustice on Farmers and Fishing Community, Disrespect to Freedom Fighters, Failure to provide Consistent Network Connectivity, Injustice on Artist Community of Goa, Injustice to Sports Persons and Sports Associations, Failure to Recognize and Provide Basic Facilities for Persons with Disabilities, Illegalities in Land Conversions & Damage to Heritage Sites, Damage to Tourism Sector of Goa, Industrial Sector ruined in Goa, Failure to support Co-operative Sector in Goa, Failure to create proper Infrastructure and provide Basic Amenities to the People, Failure to provide adequate Public Bus Transport in the State of Goa, Failure to provide Protection to Stray Animals are the 21 charges lodged against BJP.

Chodankar said that BJP formed the government in 2017 against the wishes of people of Goa. “The mandate was given to Congress. However, BJP formed an illegitimate government by encouraging defections. Which we fought in the courts of law.” He said

He charged that BJP is involved in massive job scams, corruption in purchase of medicines during covid and also responsible for deaths taken place due to lack of oxygen. “BJP is trying to make Goa the hub of Goa. These all charges we wanted to bring to the fore of governor. But he canceled our appointment on Friday. This clearly shows that he is acting in the direction of the government.” Chodankar said.

P Chidambaram said that he was shocked to know how this government has done scam during COVID and job for sale. “How would tourists visit Goa if there is no proper bus transport and internet facilities.” He questioned.

He said that all these charges are lodged by knowing the facts from people of Goa. “These charges will be investigated once we come to power. We are capable of defeating the BJP.” He said.

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