JANUARY 25Will restore Aldona as centre of learning, commerce and art: Adv Carlos


JANUARY 25Will restore Aldona as centre of learning, commerce and art: Adv Carlos
ALDONA: When on the evening of January 19, the Congress party declared its fifth list of candidates, a shout of joy rang out around the Aldona constituency. And not without reason. Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira was chosen as the party’s candidate for the upcoming assembly elections.
A man who has been tirelessly working in the constituency almost all alone and at his own cost to reach out to the people during their time of need was finally recognized for their services.
“The Covid19 lockdown and pandemic was a testing time that needed us all to come together and pull in the same direction so that we could emerge from the successive waves of the pandemic as one community. I tried my best to ensure that no one was left behind, that no one who was in need — need because they were in isolation and needed someone to help out, or were in financial difficulties because they had lost their jobs and couldn’t find work. The work continues to this day,” Adv Ferreira said.
“It is my aim to make the Aldona constituency which is made up of the vibrant villages like Aldona, Corjuem, Moira, Nachinola Corona, Calvim, and Pomburpa, Ecoxim, Olaulim, Ucassaim and Bastora and others once again the place it once was as a centre for learning and commerce, innovation and art. None of this is possible if even the basic needs of the village are not met. Whether it is through personal effort, or through getting the village to come together or with the help of the government, I want to make this dream come true,” Adv Ferreira said.
Throughout the lockdown when work and consequently pay was hard to come by, people couldn’t move out of their homes or had no one to look out for them Ferreira took it upon himself to distribute cooked food to the needy throughout the duration of the pandemic throughout Aldona constituency.
Through the food helpline, that he and his family put together with the help of friends and volunteers Adv Carlos helped those who contracted the disease and those who were in isolation to be fed nutritious and healthy food during the pandemic.
Adv Carlos also held a diabetes camp for the people of the constituency by Dr Neuman Correia a leading diabetologist that was attended by more than 200 people who consulted and took part in the camp to understand the disease and have themselves tested and their vitals recorded.
Ferreira has also held cleanliness drives by bringing people together to help them celebrate the spirit of togetherness and cleanliness through cleaning drives and plant distribution drives throughout the constituency of Aldona.
“The work we intend to do will have a lasting effect on the lives of the people of the constituency and help them achieve the ideal platform and base to reap a harvest of opportunities,” Adv Ferreira said.

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