PANAJI: The National Girl Child Day is annually celebrated in India on January 24, and was initiated by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India in 2008.

The objective of celebrating National Girl Child Day is to highlight inequalities faced by girls in the country, promote awareness about the rights of the girl child and generate awareness on importance of girl education, health and nutrition.

January 24 is also significant in India’s history as it was on this day in 1966 that Indira Gandhi was sworn in as the country’s first woman Prime Minister.

The objective of this year’s National Girl Child Day is generating awareness on the declining child sex ratio and creating a positive environment around valuing the girl child.

National Girl Child Day is marked by various programmes, including awareness campaigns on Save the Girl Child, child sex ratios, and the creation of a healthy and safe environment for girls.

Right from female infanticide to gender inequality to sexual abuse, there is no dearth of issues.
It is pertinent to note that in GOA the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act is being followed by all medical establishments very strictly in the state and no violation of this Act has come to light, thus maintaining the gender ratio.

Indian Medical Association (IMA), Goa state, and in particular the Women Doctors Wing (WDW) of IMA-Goa along with its state branches, strongly support the initiatives for the girl child and will be organising various programmes across the state to observe this event. WDW has been conducting various programmes for the girl child in schools and colleges.

IMA-Goa is fully committed to the well being of the girl child as “to save a girl is to save generations” and the world needs strong women who will live bravely, both tender and fierce and who will lift and build others.

On this occasion, IMA-Goa along with Medical Student Network (MSN) and SCERT-Porvorim held an online programme for 1002 teachers all over Goa. N G Honnekeri, director, SCERT and Dr Jagdish Kakodkar – professor of PSM & MSN advisor, Goa Medical College welcomed the participant teachers.

Dr Vanita Pinto da Silva gave her presentation on the importance of the girl child, laws for her protection and the national/state schemes for the girl child. She also called for empowerment of the girl child.

Mithila Prabhudessai, President, MSN spoke on the national initiatives for the upliftment of the girl child. Aashma of MSN showed a snapshot of female achievers in India (since Independence).

In his vote of thanks, Dr Rufino Monteiro, President, IMA-Goa State stressed on the commitment of IMA-Goa and its branches, MSN and WDW, towards the betterment of the girl child in the state.

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