Calangute will be soon freed from the clutches of Lobo, says Goa TMC at the party office inauguration



Calangute: In a huge event, Goa TMC inaugurates another party office on Tuesday at Calangute in the presence of Calangute candidate Shri Anthony Menezes, Goa TMC leader Shri Agnelo Fernandes, and TMC Block President Benedict Desouza.

Addressing the huge crowd that gathered at the event, Goa TMC Calangute candidate Shri Anthony Menezes said that he is one among the people of Calangute and TMC provided an opportunity to represent them

“I have never asked for the ticket, but TMC trusted me knowing that I will not betray the people of Goa,” he said

Revealing the dirty politics of BJP, Goa TMC leader Shri Agnelo Fernandes said “BJP has sent Michael Lobo to Congress to bring confusion among people. His silence on the Siddhi Naik case is proof that he is also a had in hand to close the case. TMC is the only option left to the people to save Goa”

Taking a dig at Michael Lobo, TMC Block President Benedict Desouza said “Our only enemy is Michael Lobo and the BJP. He has destroyed everything. He is the ‘Destructor of Calangute’ and it is high time we send him home by coming forward to elect Anthony Menezes.”

The priest of St. Alex Church fr Royal Raposo was also present at the event and showered blessings to the TMC candidate.

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