JANUARY 28, 2022


PANAJI: Congress Aldona candidate Advocate Carlos Alvares Ferreira said that he will work hard to fulfil the aspirations of Aldona constituents.

He was speaking after filing his nomination papers before the returning officer at Mapusa on Friday.

“Aldona constituency has not witnessed any development. People are telling us about it during our door to door visits. We can even see it for ourselves. We are going to circulate videos on this and show the people what kind of development has taken place. There is no answer on what development has been carried out during these past five years,” he said.

Water, electricity and roads are three important needs of the people, yet the government has failed to provide these basic necessities, he said.

“My campaigning does not just mean just making promises. My aim is to go to every house and win their hearts. And with their support, I will bring about a change in the constituency,” he said.

Speaking on his vision for Aldona constituency, Adv Ferreira said that creating employment for the youth will be his primary focus, “There are many unemployed youth, but despite being educated there are no job opportunities available for them. There is no support for their education. Jobs cannot go to one particular area. There should be equal opportunity for all. I will strive to give jobs to our educated youth. When we make them happy, their families are also happy. The money earned gives them a sense of financial security. With income, they can dream of purchasing vehicles and building homes,” he said.

Adv Ferreira said that he will fight for the people’s rights, and ensure everyone in Aldona constituency gets justice and happiness. “Rolling out schemes of Rs 2,000 is an eyewash. And even this money is not credited in their accounts on time. The government is not doing a favour to the people. If you cannot run the government, they must sit home and let competent people manage the state’s affairs,” he said.

Adv Ferreira said that four strong Congress party workers – Amarnath Panjikar, Vishwasrao Nagvekar, Monica Rocha and Swapnil Chodankar – are wholly supporting him.

“When my candidature was declared, I received over 2,600 unknown messages from people in the entire constituency, including those wards that fall in Mapusa but are part of Aldona constituency. They have pledged to wholeheartedly stand by me. Many political parties and leaders, including those from BJP, are supporting me. They want a person like me to be elected. I have confidence that there is genuine desire for change, and will make this change for good. You can trust me,” he said.

On his reason to enter active politics, Adv Ferreira said, “I am not a politician. I don’t make false promises. I don’t have a habit of giving political speeches. My party leaders have urged me to contest the elections. Politics is not bad, rather it is the politician who does not do justice. I promise you, I will do justice to the best of my ability. As a lawyer by profession, I have never worked for money. Apart from my private practice, I have occupied top positions like the Advocate General of Goa, Assistant Solicitor of India and Public Prosecutor of Goa. My records speak for itself, I have won case after case. I have not indulged in corruption, never sought bribes from anyone. I have even fought cases pro bono. This is a service I have rendered to society. If I have to sacrifice my legal profession, I will do it in the interest of my people,” he added.

Senior party leader Amarnath Panjikar who also accompanied Adv Ferreira, said that Goa needs a Congress government.

“Goa wants change and people want a Congress government to serve them. I was also an aspirant for the party ticket. But I am ready to sacrifice. In the interest of the state, we cannot be selfish. We need to be united. Our party has given us a good candidate and we will work tirelessly for his victory. It is our responsibility as party workers to stand behind him,” he said.

Panjikar also hit out at present BJP MLA Glen Ticlo for the lack of development in Aldona.

“We have seen how people have lived in challenging circumstances during the last two terms. Aldona constituency has not witnessed any development. Our people have not benefited in any way. Our youth have not got jobs. Non-polluting manufacturing units could have been set up in the constituency. The present MLA is to be blamed. In 2017, Manohar Parrikar had assured that if people vote for the MLA, he would make him a cabinet minister. But Parrikar did not make him a minister because he is inefficient and incapable. Subsequently, there were so many opportunities, yet he was not made a minister. not even a deputy speaker. Now, the MLA is fooling the youth by saying he will be made minister if they vote for him. I assure you that Carlos will win and will be made a minister if the Congress comes to power,” he said.

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