AAP concedes victory of Congress: Panjikar



PANAJI: The Media Chairman of GPCC Amarnath Panjikar on Monday stated that the Aam Aadmi Party has conceded victory to the Congress party in assembly elections by its statement that elected members could join BJP.

Panajikar on Monday addressed a press conference in Panaji and said that Congress will form a government in Goa. Vice President of Delhi Congress Ali Mehendi, Youth Congress President Adv. Varad Mardolkar, Akhilesh Yadav,Saish Aaroskar were present on the occasion.

Reacting to the statement of Atishi, Goa In charge of AAP, that Congress MLAs will again switch the parties after getting elected, Panajikar said that AAP won’t be able to win a single seat.

“She should resign from politics as she is not aware that Churchill Alemao is not part of Congress, but of TMC.” He said.

“Even she tells that Avertano Furtado from Navelim, Cortalim candidate Moreno Rebello, Calangute candidate Michael Lobo, Vasco candidate Carlos Almeida were associated with BJP in past and after getting elected they will join back to BJP. I am thankful to her for conceding that Congress is winning even from Cuncolim and also from Aldona.” Panajikar said.

Panajikar pointed out that many members who joined AAP are of BJP background. Be it Vishwajeet K Rane, former BJP member & candidate, Mahadev Naik, former BJP Minister, Satyavijay Naik, Alina Saldanha, former BJP minister, Ramrao Wagh, BJP’s 2017 candidate in St. Andre Constituency, Sudesh Mayekar, former BJP VP of Kissan Morcha & member of Calangute block, Anoop Kudtarkar, former BJP Yuva Morcha member, Anil Gaonkar – former BJP Member, Babu Nanoskar, former BJP, or Rajesh Kalangutkar, RSS member with close connections to BJP, all are associated with BJP.

“Atishi should check whether the mother of AAP St Cruz candidate Amit Palyekar is associated with BJP or not. Secondly, she is saying that Congress candidate of St Cruz Rodolf Fernandes is fixed by Babush Monserrate and hence he will win. She is admitting that our candidates are winning and hence AAP should pack their bags and go back to Delhi.” Panjikar said.

Adv. Mardolkar said that AAP has exposed itself by attacking Congress. “AAP is the B team of BJP. Everyone knows it. It played a role in dividing votes in Cortalim, Mormugao, Panaji and other constituencies in the last assembly election and paved the way for the BJP.” He said.

“We would have got a full majority in 2017 had the AAP not divided votes.” He said.

Ali Mehendi said that BJP is funding AAP to divide votes. “Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi demolished the church in Delhi. Then he lied in Goa that it was not demolished by him.” He said.


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