Volvaiker pledges to repair bunds, make islands global warming resilient



PANAJI: Trinamool Congress Cumbarjua constituency candidate Samil Volvaiker has assured the people of the constituency that he will within a year of being elected fix the broken bunds affecting the villages of Divar, Santo Estevam (Zua) and Cumbarjua that will not only help revive agriculture in the fertile lands that surround the villages but also protect the vulnerable lands from the rising threat of global warming and sea level rise.

“Every year we see that during the monsoons the entrance to the villages of Divar, Vanxim, Santo Estevam, Dauji, and other low lying areas are inundated with water. People cannot travel and the ferries cannot dock on account of the water gushing over the roads, jetties and the bunds,” Volvaiker said.

“The people residing in these villages have been complaining for years on end that the bunds need to be repaired, the height of the road needs to be enhanced and the height of the bunds needs to be reinforced to prevent the floods from completely overwhelming the entrances of the village. Successive governments have turned a blind eye to the daily problems faced by the people of the village,” Volvaiker said.

Volvaiker has enlisted the support of local and grassroots leaders to understand the problems faced by the people in these villages and said he will draw up a comprehensive plan to once and for all rid the state of the problems in an ecofriendly, sustainable but reliable way.

“Year after year, with the water levels rising on account of global warming, increasing rainfall and floods the people are left to face the wrath of nature and lose valuable days of work and business causing losses and ultimately forcing them to move out of the village. If we are to protect our way of life, our villages and most importantly our agricultural khazan lands that have been bequeathed to us by our forefathers we cannot continue to remain mute spectators to what is happening,” Volvaiker said.

“Successive governments and people’s representatives have focussed only on the mainland portions of this. They have not given any attention to the problem hoping that it will go away on its own. I plan to change this approach and tackle the issues before they get worse,” Volvaiker said.

“Global warming is a seriousness but often ignored threat especially to this constituency more than any other and I pledge that I will make it my priority to have it resolved as soon as possible,” he added.

Volvaiker is contesting on a ticket of the Trinamool Congress and has vowed to make a tangible difference to the constituency.

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