“Select a candidate who will do development” Adv. Tarak Arolkar’s appeal to the people of Mapusa with support from MGP Mapusa office bearers.



Mapusa :
Trinamool Congress candidate Adv. Tarak Arolkar appealed to the people to select a candidate who can work for the development of Mapusa in the forthcoming assembly elections. He was speaking at a joint press conference held at Mapusa with MGP office bearers. MGP Mapusa block President Geetesh Dangui, Vice President Krishnanath Divkar, Central committee member Sripad Yerdne,Francis Lobo, Mahesh Naik, Umesh Naik and other dignitaries were present. The father of the present MLA of Mapusa was a minister in the government. The MLA had got two and a half years. But, what they have developed is in front of everyone. The new bus stand has become a hot topic in the state. There is a discussion going on in the state that it is easy to fool the people of Mapusa as the bus stand is not functioning fully, said Adv. Arolkar. He further said that one of the legs of the Congress candidate is already in the BJP. Former minister Michael Lobo, who was given the ticket, has come to take Congress MLAs to the BJP. He will not win the BJP ticket in Calangute, so he has joined the Congress, claimed Adv. Arolkar. Trinamool Congress-Mago coalition government to come in Assembly elections. In such a short span of time, Trinamool has made a home in the minds of Goans. People are impressed by the work they do. Today, along with the country, inflation has also increased in Goa. Once our government comes, at least in Goa, inflation will be brought under control. Adv. Arolkar appealed to take a decision after thinking about it. The time has come for the people of Mapusa to show faith in the Trinamool-MGP alliance and win the election for our candidate Adv. Tarak Arolkar. Adv. Arolkar has the potential to develop Mhapsa, said Gitesh Dangui, MGP Mhapsa group president. Rumors are circulating that the Trinamool Congress will break its alliance with MGP. However, the MGP office bearers and activists in Mapusa should not believe this. It is certain that the Trinamool-MGP coalition government will come, said Krishnanath Divkar, vice-chairman of the MGP Mapusa group committee.

Adv. Tarak Arolkar In the last six days, about 775 people from Mapusa have officially joined the Trinamool Congress party. The state has a record number of entries in such a short period of time. From this, it is clear that the people’s faith is becoming a Trinamool-MGP alliance.

Photo Caption: MGP Mapusa Group President Gitesh Dangui, Vice President Krishnanath Divkar, Central Committee Sripad Yerdne, Francis Lobo, Mahesh Naik, Umesh Naik alongwith Micheal Carrasco and Tarak Arolkar from TMC.

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