Statement Issued by Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala, GS & I/c Communication, AICC No ‘Double Engine’ Govt in Goa, BJP has given a ‘Trouble Engine’ Govt !


BJP is the symbol of ‘Inequality’, ‘Injustice’, ‘Income Disparity’ & ‘Inflation in Goa’!

16 Lakh Goans have been ‘duped’, ‘deceived’ & ‘defrauded’ by BJP’s ‘Misrule’ & ‘Misgovernance’ !

BJP’s is synonymous with “4Is”- trouble for Goa. PM Modi-CM Sawant have no answer.


(1) Mining Industry

o BJP snatched the livelihood of 3,00,000 Mining Dependent people of Goa, as it could not restart legalised mining in a responsible and sustainable fashion.
o In 2019, PM Modi & the BJP had made a false promise to restart mining activities. On April 10, 2019 – PM Modi said, “I will leave no stone unturned vis-a-vis resolving this issue. We will definitely work whole heartedly to remove the obstacles in the way of mining resumption.” The promise turned out to be another ‘Jumla’ !
o Yet again, On Feb 1, 2022 – CM Pramod Sawant and Home Minister Amit Shah have promised that “Mining will restart in 6 months”. Do remember that CM Sawant had made the same promise to restart mining on April 19, 2019; during the Lok Sabha polls. This turned out to be ‘fake’!
o When mining operations were first halted in 2012, the BJP government also promised to recover ₹ 35,000 Cr of illegal mining loot and refer all cases of illegal mining to the Goa Lokayukta. This proved to be another act of BJP’s ‘deception’!
o BJP Govt wants to convert Goa into a “Coal Transit Hub” by converting Mormugao Port into a transit hub for their “Hum Do, Hamare Do” crony club. Coal import from abroad to neighbouring states is destroying Goa’s ecology without any jobs or livelihood for Goans.

(2) Fishing Industry

o BJP utterly failed to stop illegal fishing in Goa’s coastline.
o BJP allowed Bull trawling, 100 KV LED fishing which will totally destroy Goa’s marine life and assault the livelihoods of ‘traditional fisherfolk’.
o The lack of adequate cold storage facilities, where small fishermen can stock up their catch to sell it when the prices are favorable, is a long pending demand of Goan fisherfolk. BJP has duped Goan fisherfolk. Congress is committed to undo it.
o BJP gave zero compensation to small boat owners, whose vessels were destroyed in rough sea.
o BJP failed to save residences of Fishing Community from being demolished under Coastal Regulation Zone. (CRZ)

(3) Tourism Industry

o Goa’s tourism industry suffered a loss upto Rs. 7,200 crore and 58% job losses due to neglect by BJP Government during COVID. Sawant Govt remained a mute spectator and refused to provide any stimulus to the industry.
o “Mission 30% Commission” of the BJP Government under its Deputy CM & Tourism Minister, resulted in total collapse of the Tourism Industry in the State.
o The Tourism Department abandoned the ‘Amphibian Vehicle Project’, ‘Hop on – Hop off Bus Project’, ‘Sea Plane Project’, thereby irreparable loss to livelihood to people of Goa.

(4) Collapse of MSMEs

o In India, 60 lakh MSMEs have shut down. In Goa, all industries, including MSMEs are bleeding
o Goa ranks 4th Worst in ‘Ease of Doing Business’!
o Despite having a natural advantage for ‘Logistics’, BJP ruled Goa is ranked in India last in the Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADs) Ranking by Union Ministry of Commerce under their own Modi Govt.
o The Sawant Govt totally failed to provide financial assistance by announcing ‘Economic Revival Package’ of ₹100 Crores to the Marginalised Sector of Goa.
o The BJP Govt totally failed to effectively implement “Goemchem Daiz” scheme to help the traditional occupations like Fulkar, Khajekar, Chanekar, Render, Poder, Motorcycle Pilots, Kakankar, Nallkar, Cobbler, Barber and others.


➢ Injustice is ingrained in BJP’s DNA. Goa has witnessed police brutality against Anganwadi workers. Everyday strikes – be it successor children of Freedom Fighters of Goa’s Liberation Movement, or be it the protest against illegal construction in Old Goa, be it teachers or be it Mining dependents, be it the recent protests by Taxi drivers or be it the protests by Environment Activists against the 3 Linear Projects [Double Tracking, Four Laning of Highways, Transmission Lines] to save Mollem Forests & the Western Ghats – every section of the society in Goa has been protesting since years, without any redressal under corrupt, cruel and callous Sawant Govt !


➢ In the two pandemic years, 84% of Indian households have suffered a loss of income. India’s poorest saw a 53% decline in their incomes in the past 5 years. Income of India’s Middle Class plunged by 32%.

The wealth of the richest 142 Indians (crony friends of BJP) rose from ₹23,14,000 Crores to ₹53,16,000 Crores i.e a whopping increase of 30,00,000 Crores. As India’s Middle Class and poor loss jobs and income, the wealth of BJP rose by 550% in 7 years i.e ₹780 Cr in 2013-14 to ₹4,847 Cr in 2019-2020.


➢ As BJP and its friends made money, the ordinary Goans were hit by massive Price Rise under the ‘Trouble Engine’ BJP Govt. It is only after Congress party’s regular protests and the impending elections that the BJP Govt was forced to reduce some taxes on Petrol/Diesel. Still, the Price of Petrol ₹96/litre & Diesel is ₹87/litre. Domestic LPG Cylinder – ₹988 which was only ₹412 during Congress Govt. The massive increase of prices in Commercial LPG Gas Cylinders, now at ₹2,101 has dealt a body blow to the restaurant/food outlet industry of Goa. Prices of vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, and even the Goan Pao has increased.

Come Feb 14th, Goans / Goenkars will vote out BJP because –
• BJP Ruined “Suramya Goa” [Serene and Beautiful Goa]
• BJP Worked Against “Santuleet Goa” [Balanced Democratic Goa]
• BJP Failed to Protect “Susanskrut Goa” [Cultured Goa]
• BJP Damaged “Suvidhya Goa” [Knowledge Centric, Enlightened Goa]
• BJP Stalled “Samrudh Goa” [Affluent Goa]
• BJP is Against “Sushaseet Goa” [Good Governance in Goa]
• BJP Betrayed “Swanandi Goa” [Happy Goa]

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