PANAJI: Congress Aldona candidate Carlos Alvares Ferreira expressed confidence that people of his constituency will vote for change, and urged Goans to elect the Congress party with a thumping majority.

He was speaking at a press conference organised by Aldona Congress Block on Thursday.

Aldona Congress Block president professor Ashwin D’Souza and chairperson of Congress media cell Goa Amarnath Panjikar were also present.

Adv Ferreira said that he has been getting a good response to this door-to-door campaign.

“Ever since I commenced my door-to-door campaigning, people have welcomed my candidature. People are eager to take videos and photos with me. My image is clean, my record is clean. Even relatives of my constituents are telling them to vote for me. People tend to get influenced by money, but this time they have assured to stand behind me. No development has taken place in the constituency. Hence, they want a good person to be elected. People have told me they want change. They have assured me to work on increasing my victory margin,” he said.

To a question on the presence of multiple parties and candidates contesting in Aldona, Adv Carlos said that this will have no bearing on his prospects.

“There is no traction for AAP. In fact, their supporters are joining our campaign. TMC is not a competition to me. Even if you pour funds, this cannot assure victory. I am confident that despite the money power, people will vote for me. We are only concentrating on increasing our margin. If there is a split in votes, it will be to my benefit. Our victory is guaranteed,” he said.

Adv Ferreira said that many Congress workers who were neglected and disgruntled are returning and supporting his campaign.

“Everyone is helping us on the ground. Even retired government servants are joining my campaign. People are also happy that as Panjikar is with me, there will not be any division of votes. People will vote for a new hope. We will clean the system. Let us be united. Even BJP karyakatas are joining us. I urge all Goans, if you want a good government, give us the mandate. Bring back Congress with full force. Elect our candidates overwhelming. If we have the numbers, we can comfortably form the government,” he said.

Panjikar said that the party is getting an overwhelming response in Aldona constituency.

“People are welcoming us. There will be change in Aldona, history will be created. The Congress flag will fly high in Aldona, and this will lead us to form the next government in the state,” he said.

The Aldona Congress Block inducted former TMC workers Naneshwar Vaingankar who was a former Congress party member, Narayan N. Nagvekar, Nandu N. Nagvekar and Neha N. Nagvekar in the party.

“TMC is not a positive party. My family and supporters told me that TMC will split the votes. Hence, I have rejoined Congress and decided to support Adv Ferreira,” Vaingankar said.

The Aldona Congress Block also stated that senior party leader Priyanka Gandhi will be addressing a meeting in Aldona on February 7.

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