Campaigning for the forthcoming Assembly elections is in full swing in the state as well as in Mapusa



Campaigning for the forthcoming Assembly elections is in full swing in the state as well as in Mapusa. All the political parties have put their full strength into the campaign and this year there will be a triangular contest between the Trinamool Congress-MGP alliance, the BJP and the Congress. Trinamool-MGP alliance candidate Adv.Tarak Arolkar has left no stone unturned in his campaign.
Meanwhile, there is a discussion on social media that both the BJP and the Congress candidates in Mapusa belong to the BJP. Congress candidate Sudhir Kandolkar was earlier in BJP. He had claimed the party ticket in the 2019 by-elections. However, after being denied a ticket, he joined the Congress party and contested the by-elections. However, he was defeated. Then again in the 2022 assembly elections, Kandolkar had tried to get a BJP ticket.There was a lot of talk in the political circles some time ago that Kandolkar would join the BJP even after getting the Congress nomination.
Incumbent MLA and BJP candidate Joshua D’Souza has done nothing in the last two and a half years. The new bus station has been hastily inaugurated. Joshua has failed to address the fundamental issues of the constituency and there has been a lot of talk that was to be denied BJP ticket, but due to circumstances he was finally given the ticket.. Joshua is known in the state as a passive MLA.
Currently many video and audio clips have gone viral on social media. The audio clip of a person named Sarvesh Gadekar is being forwarded on WhatsApp. Sarvesh Gadekar says that voting for Congress is like voting for BJP,because Congress candidate Sudhir Kandolkar has come from BJP. Sudhir Kandolkar was also among those who secretly Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Gadekar has claimed that if he wins, he will definitely leave the Congress and join the BJP.

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