PANAJI: Aldona Congress candidate Carlos Alvares Ferreira has said that he will visit as many households in his constituency as possible in order to meet the people and understand their problems.

He was speaking at a programme organised by Aldona Block Committee to induct former BJP karyakartas Premanand Prabhu and Bhanudas Gadekar who is a social worker from Quitla, along with other members. Chairman of Congress media cell Amarnath Panjikar and Aldona Congress Block president professor Ashwin D’Souza were also present.

“The party was planning to send Priyanka Gandhi here for a public meeting, but I have politely declined. Instead, I want to meet the people, that is my preference. I want to go door-to-door and see their conditions, problems and understand their issues. I can see this first-hand. People will be upset if I don’t visit them. Hence, I will visit as many houses as possible and connect with them. Hence, I have requested my party not to depute star campaigners due to paucity of time. When I win, I can hold many meetings and get star campaigners later,” Adv Carlos said.

Speaking on the induction of new Congress members, Adv Carlos said that he has always helped people, irrespective of religion or party affiliation.

“I was quite surprised to learn that Nonu (Premanand Prabhu) was in BJP for 15 years. I am happy they are all supporting us today. i promise that we will work tirelessly for the constituency as well as the entire state to bring back the good days. People used to be happy during Congress rule. Today, there is desperation among the youth due to lack of jobs. Let us make a new change in Aldona, let us make it Carlos for Aldona,” he said.

Prabhu, who is also the Aldona Cooperative society chairman, is a prominent social worker and bhajani artiste. He is also the former Aldona sarpanch and has been a panch member for multiple terms.

“Sincere and faithful BJP karyakatas have been sidelined. They have no relevance today, while some others have been accepted BJP only wants to remain in power. Everyone knows about the job scandal and due to this the youth are fed up. Deserving candidates are left out. And hence, looking at all this, I quit the party. This time, Aldona will elect Adv Carlos. I am supporting a highly educated and sincere candidate,” he said.

Panjikar said that many people are joining the party and supporting their campaign in Aldona.

“There is an undercurrent against the BJP in Aldona, and this will be known on the counting day of March 10. History will be created. Many supporters have joined us officially as well as unofficially. Many have joined the Congress party due to its principles, and there are others who are also attracted to Adv Ferreira’s personality and appeal. We are confident that Congress will win in Aldona and the party will form the next government. Rather than mudslinging and personal attacks, we believe in clean and constructive politics and want to take forward our plan, vision and programme for Aldona,” he said.

Former BJP workers Ravi Malvankar, Ashok Vaingainkar, as well as youth leader and social worker Duarte Franco and his supporters Franco Fernandes, Luis Fernandes, Johnny Mendes, Melroy D’Souza, Arnie Fernandes, Bruno D’Cruz, Johnson Mascarenhas, Rishi Sequeira, Rohan Sequeira, Romaldo Fernandes, Ashwini D’Souza, Alston D’Souza, Rohan Fernandes, Clive Fernandes, Royston Miranda and others joined the Congress.

“He is honest and helpful. His doors are always open. Adv Carlos will surely win with majority,” Malvankar said.

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