Saligao: Saligao Congress candidate Kedar Naik said that he will get the maximum lead in Reis Magos and win the seat for the party.
He was speaking during his door to door campaigning at Verem on Sunday.
Kedar said that he is fighting the elections unitedly along with the panchayat members and the people.

“Reis Magos is our home ground. I was born and raised in this village. The panchayat members are with me, many of whom have been working for more than 25 years. There is overwhelming support for us here. So many have come out to join the campaign with love and affection. We are confident of getting the maximum lead here,” he said.
While Subhash Pednekar, Ex-sarpanch and present panch member, said that there is zero development in the village by the present MLA.

“The panchayat ghar is also pending. The bhumiputra bill is a farce with an ulterior motive to grab land. The playground project is also pending as well the pavers for footpaths. Development is needed. And hence we are supporting Kedar. He will win with a huge majority,” he said.
A supporter, Virendra expressed confidence that Congress would emerge victorious in Saligao.

“This time, the Congress flag will fly high in Saligao. We must vote out the BJP government. All the panchayat members are with him and we are confident that he will win with a majority,” said Virendra.

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